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Human Error in the Maritime Industry
How to Understand, Detect and Cope
by Bengt Schager


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 Stress and Human Functioning (February 2009)




Accidents due to Human Error are increasing in the maritime industry: The technology seems to be up to date - but are we?
The Swedish Club Letter No. 2 (2008) 12-13.




When Technology Leads Us Astray: A Broadened View of Human Error. The Journal of Navigation (2008) 61,63-70. © The Royal Institute of Navigation.




Nödmeddelande över fartygets PA-system. Ett Vinnovaprojekt av Nicklas Timstedt, Marine Profile AB i samarbete med TT-Line och Destination Gotland.
(September 2004).

Bilaga, Hur undviker man panik?
Bilaga, Passagerarenkät.


Psychological pre-employment assessment (February 2003). Special reprint from BIMCO Bulletin Vol. 98, No 1, 2003 (March 7th 2003).


This article is a follow-up study of the results of Marine Profile assessments made for a major cruise operator. The study covers 459 deck and engine officers assessed prior to employment between the years 1996 and 2000. It is now complemented with recent statistics from the operator’s insurance company covering navigational claims for the same shipowner and in comparison with other shipowners. The statistics show that there has been no navigational claims over USD 10,000 between the years 1998 – 2007.

Just send us an email to and we will be glad to send you PDF’s or the required number of hard copies of this study complemented with the new statistics.


A New Personnel Appraisal System for the Maritime Industry (October 9th 2000)


Corporate Culture and Human Factor Problems (May 16th 1999)


Increased safety for high-speed marine craft by focusing on operators and organization (October 27th 1998)




Understanding the human factor (March 2nd 1998).



Counteracting the human factor by means of focused selection, on-board bridge training and challenging of ingrained attitudes (July 6th 1997)


Crowd Management, an STCW prerequisite (May 13th 1997)

Advantages of Psychological Assessment of Seafarers (1997)


Improving the selection and retention of seagoing personnel (September 4th 1996)


Attracting the best professionals - a side effect of the STCW convention (June 17th 1996)


A wise captain knows his own mind (1993)


A new assessment system for applicants to the Swedish Maritime Academy. (1993)


The Software in the System (1991)



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