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Expert Recruitment Assistance

Recruiting qualified people is a time-consuming task that can easily become a burden to executives whose time is already greatly in demand.

Marine Profile can help to relieve this burden, thereby giving you more valuable time for other duties. We can also help speed up the recruiting process, while at the same time assuring high levels of objectivity and thoroughness.

We can support you through the entire process, or any part of it, from applicant profile analysis and advertising to assessment of the final candidates and hiring. Thanks to the fact that Marine Profile’s maritime psychologists are well-trained, experienced recruitment consultants and specialists in personal assessment, we can provide valuable insight about the suitability of prospective employees.

Marine Profile can assist you in any or all of the following steps:

  • We can help you formulate applicant profiles.
  • We submit a complete proposal for job advertisements, from design to publication.
  • We can undertake all publication arrangements.
  • We can take the calls from prospects, referring to you only those who are of greatest interest.
  • We can handle all incoming job applications.
  • We can make a preliminary evaluation and sorting of documentation.
  • We compile this information and report on qualified applicants to you.
  • We discuss with you which candidates you should meet.
  • We discuss which ones should proceed to in-depth assessment.
  • We conduct personal assessments.
  • We submit a complete verbal report on each candidate.
  • During the process, we maintain contact with the other applicants.
  • We can inform those who were not selected and return their documents.

Marine Profile

  • has in-depth knowledge of the maritime industry.
  • has broad international experience.
  • is highly professional, with recognised expertise in assessments.
  • understands the business and its circumstances.
  • can handle sensitive contacts for our clients.

Marine Profile

  • provides support that saves valuable time for qualified people.
  • speeds up the recruiting process.
  • offers significantly greater knowledge about job candidates.
  • enhances precision and thoroughness in recruiting
  • provides greater objectivity.
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